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Results of the Housing Needs Survey

The Housing Needs Survey has been compiled in partnership with the Borough Council of Wellingborough. The Council has been the lead Authority in producing the Survey and analysing it. The report is produced by the Borough Council and has been designed to be a consistent framework for surveying housing needs in other local areas. Housing  Continue Reading »

Have Your Say!

The Earls Barton Neighbourhood Plan provides a great opportunity for the community to plan for what the Parish needs in the future to keep it a thriving and vibrant place. To make it truly successful we need all sections of the community to engage in the process and to help make it happen. We need your views as this will be the community’s plan.

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    Earls Barton is a village within the boundary of the Borough of Wellingborough in the Parliamentary Constituency of Daventry, Northamptonshire.
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    Where is Earls Barton?