Earls Barton Neighbourhood PlanThe Earls Barton Neighbourhood Plan provides a great opportunity for the community to plan for what the Parish needs in the future to keep it a thriving and vibrant place.

To make it truly successful we need all sections of the community to engage in the process and to help make it happen. We need your views as this will be the community’s plan.

We will be able to take on board people’s views and comments throughout the whole time it takes to develop the plan. This can be done by emailing the Parish Clerk or Project Manager, by posting Facebook messages on the site below, by posting a comment on the discussion forum or by uploading comments on the interactive map.

There will be consultation events at various times during the process, which might take up to 18 months, but to start off with we intend to have an initial consultation to launch the process and to gather as much information as we can about our community and its future needs. You can find out more about what information already exists by looking at the links provided here.

The first phase of consultation will take place from 18th April to 11th May and will include

  • Wednesday 18th April 7pm – Earls Barton Junior School – Launch Event
  • Saturday 21st April 10am -1pm – All Saints Village Hall – Drop in Session
  • Friday 13th April – 11th May – Library – standing exhibition where comments can be made