A small project team has been created from members of the Parish Council and residents who volunteered to help lead the Neighbourhood Plan for Earls Barton. The Parish Council is regarded as the ‘qualifying body’ and will be responsible for overseeing the plan and ultimately submitting it to the Local Planning Authority for adoption as part of the Local Plan.

The Project Team will coordinate the process of developing the plan, (which needs as much input from everyone in the village as possible), updating and making recommendations to the Parish Council which acts as the Steering Group for the project. Working with the community we aim to develop a plan which will help ensure the long term sustainable future of our Parish.

The agenda and minutes of the Parish Council can be viewed here which gives updates on where the plan is.

We are also supported by number of Neighbourhood Champions these people will get involved helping to develop the plan over the coming months.


Earls Barton Neighbourhood Plan Project Team

Cllr Peter Wright (1945-2013) – EBNP Team Chairman and Founder



Rosie Smart

Rosie Smart – Clerk to Parish Council & EBNP Team Founder Member


James Wilson

James Wilson – Neighbourhood Plan Consultant & EBNP Team Founder Member


Colin Wells

Cllr Colin Wells – EBNP Team Founder Community Member



Andy Rozzier – EBNP Team Vice Chairman & Founder Community Member


Mike Nichols

Mike Nichols – EBNP Team Founder Community Member


Rob Gough

Cllr Robert Gough- EBNP Team Chairman


Chris Shaw

Chris Shaw – EBNP Team Community Member