To notifiy the Parish Council and Project Group of a site in Earls Barton Parish that may be suitable for development, please complete the Earls Barton Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment form.

If you have any queries regarding your site or the Assessment itself please contact

Earls Barton Project Group on (Tel: 07832 753197)

Please return this form with a map that clearly identifies the site boundaries, and the area that might be suitable for development to

56 Doddington Road, Earls Barton, Northamptonshire, NN6 0NQ

or to the email address within the document.

Please note that the information submitted using this SHLAA pro forma will form part of the Neighbourhood Plan evidence base, and will therefore be publicly available.

Performa’s accompanying site plans and any comments must be sent by (5pm on 31st July 2012).