Earls Barton Infants School

Earls Barton Infants School

As you know the Neighbourhood Plan is our way, as residents of the village, to ensure we have a say in the way housing development will occur to meet the future needs of Earls Barton.


Some of the feedback the Neighbourhood Plan Project Team has received, via questionnaires, emails and talking with people face to face, is the worry that the current services within the village will simply not be able to cope with the building of new homes and the influx of new residents into the village.


Will the increase the number of people using services within the village create pressure on the school rolls for both the Infant and Junior Schools?  Will this increase also cause pressure on other services such as Doctor’s and Dentist surgeries?


The Neighbourhood Plan Project Team is working closely with the schools and other service providers to ensure that they are able to increase their capacity if necessary in relation to future growth.


In terms of education, a feasibility study is being carried out by Northamptonshire County Council to produce options for expansion for both schools at the present time and further feedback on this will be provided once this is known.


For the immediate future, the County Council considers that there is sufficient capacity available at the schools, confirming so in correspondence which is available to download here.


As ever, the Neighbourhood Plan Project Team will keep you updated via the website, the Earls Barton Appreciation Society on Facebook and with articles within Barton Today and The Tower.