Many people will be aware that a development site is currently being proposed to the East of Station Road by Redrow Homes for development. The site would be accessed from Station Road and also Allebone Close. The Parish Council and members of the Neighbourhood Plan Project Group met with Redrow Homes on 13th June to understand what they are proposing to submit as a planning application.



Fig1. New Site Proposed by Redrow Homes


The site outlined in blue is the new site which they indicate can accommodate up to 85 houses and the one in red is the other Redrow Homes site that already has planning permission. This is for up to 65 houses.


This proposal has come forward by the developer and is not part of the emerging Neighbourhood Plan. The preferred option for the Neighbourhood Plan, for major housing and commercial development, as well as the opportunity to deliver community facilities including sports pitches and leisure proposals, is to focus development between the Grange and the Industrial Estate. (See plan below).


 Fig 2. Preferred development area – Neighbourhood Plan


The level of housing need required for the village over the next 20 years to 2031 (the period the plan would cover) is estimated to be in the region of 250 new dwellings. See report on possible options from the Borough Council of Wellingborough – Identifying a Rural Housing Target for the Joint Core Strategy v2


The Neighbourhood Plan Project Group responded to this consultation which is helping to inform the housing allocations for the Core Spatial Strategy and supported option E as the only acceptable scenario for the village. A copy of this response can be accessed here: EBNP Letter to WBC re Rural Housing Numbers 060213


The reason why the Project Group support this option and the preferred option of focusing are major growth to the north of the village are several fold;


  • It was confirmed as the preferred option for development by those responding to the recent consultation.
  • It provides sufficient housing to meet the needs of the village for the whole of the plan period.
  • It provides the ability to allow traffic to be directed immediately onto major road thus avoiding further congestion in the village.
  • It is close enough and access exists for new residents to visit the village centre on foot or cycle.
  • It provides the best opportunity to bring forward community benefits for the village including land for sports fields and community space funded by a level of housing development.


The Parish Council and Neighbourhood Planning Project Group have had previous meetings with the land owners of this site and they will be meeting again with them in July together with a preferred developer who may be able to realistically deliver this site with a level of housing to meet the needs of the village as well as providing other benefits.  The Project Group does not believe that this combination of development and community benefits can be provided for in as sustainable a fashion in other locations around the village.


A consultation meeting regarding the Station Road/Allebone Close site will be held on 16th July by Redrow Home at the Methodist Church in the afternoon and evening for people to attend and make any comments they have.


Redrow Homes has indicated that they will submit a planning application to the Borough Council before September 2013.


The Parish Council and Neighbourhood Plan Project Group will continue to develop their preferred option and will produce a draft plan on this basis. They will also continue to engage with landowners and developers and respond to proposals to ensure that, if they do come forward, they can contribute to the objectives which you as residents have said are important for the village as a whole.